Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today, Travel Came to Me

Today I am a traveler, and I haven't even left home! Lines of locals and tourists alike littered the streets trying to get into a street food fair in downtown Los Angeles. I am seeing new parts of my own city. Who knew we had a food fair? I get to eat food ALL day?! Definitely my kind of day. I think this might be a small slice of heaven. Its almost like an assembly of all these different countries got together to share their fabulous food with me (and a thousand other people). They even gave me a passport! So what if it was just a little ticket to get stamped at each place so I could win something? I got to "travel" through the culinary world all in one afternoon. It was enough to satiate my bug, and my appetite for the day. I guess this whole idea of travel being a state of mind and how you can be a traveler in your own home town is true after all. I drive through downtown Los Angeles all the time and curse the horrid drivers and senseless traffic, but today, that same place turned into a little food sanctuary. Travel really is about new experiences. There are things to be discovered right in my backyard, I just have to find them. And considering that my backyard is currently the only place I can afford to go...I will start looking. Travel and I have now been separated for 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days (but who's counting?) so I needed this. I know travel and I will be together again soon, but in effort to prevent a severe travel bug induced meltdown, today travel came to me.


Tim said...

Great post Tara; no matter how many times I tell myself the ol' cliche "live every day to your fullest", I always need to be reminded of how much truth really does lie in that statement! We can find ourselves longing for travel more and more every day (which is funny its been three months exactly for me as well since I returned from my tramp around the states), but how great is it that we can get our fix for the week right down the road haha! Keep up the great vibes, I can feel the energy from the posts! ~ Tim

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