Friday, August 6, 2010

Muddling Through Marrakech

Oh, Morocco. Your first trip, first hours, first minutes there can be packed with all sorts of adventure. Check out my first published article "Muddling Through Marrakech" over at Travelmag. Travelmag has a wealth of exciting travel stories from real, independent travelers with great experiences to share.

From the magazine's editor, "Travelmag correspondents travel well beyond the guidebook routes, illuminating little-known corners of the globe and, occasionally, revealing a bit about themselves as well."

This travel writing thing isn't impossible, you just have to start somewhere. Yay!


Christian said...

Just found your blog. Congrats on the Travelmag commission Tara. I struggle to write about the crap parts of travel but you've pitched the Marrakech piece nicely. Remember though, if you can survive Morocco (particularly as a young Western woman!), you can survive anywhere!! Safe travels...

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