Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go Ahead, Drool: An Epicurean Seduction

Food is really a beautiful thing; it is my next great love after traveling. The best thing is being able to marry my two loves and embark on an epicurean adventure while traveling the world, or the United States and Canada in this case. Feel free to drool as I did when these meals landed before me.

Santa Fe: Green Chile Enchilada at El Farol


Ms. Chan said...

W-O-W!!!! It all looks soooo good!!

rose said...

Oh you just reminded me that I haven't had a poutine in a while. And yes, I'm very hungry now, thanks. :P

crazy sexy fun traveler said...

No way! Some look really delicious! Think it's time to cook my lunch now :D

Krimly said...

oh my God! It looks yummy!!
I love so much to taste different flavours ;)


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