Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bug Made Me Quit

You see, I always thought corporate life was for me. I imagined myself as Aileen Marshall, business woman and owner of Marshall's stores, for a 3rd grade class project. I know...Marshall's? I was 8 and living in Europe, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Neimans were not part of my vocabulary. It was Marshall's. I got dressed up in the most professional kids attire in existence, and I delivered my idea of the most glamorous job I could think of and how I was going to love it. HA! The things you learn as you get older! It wasn't until I arrived in Corporate America that I realized the grey-ish colored carpeting covering the four walls of my cubicle (which mind you, some people love...makes for easy use of push-pins!) the incessant shouts of "Tara?! Can you...? Oh, and can you also...?" and the never ending minutia, was killing me slowly! I had to get out. I had to be free to travel. But who quits in a recession? Nevermind that. I would quit and be able to travel to my heart's desire! I could go everywhere! Anywhere! ...But then there was the small problem of having no money to fund these excursions...and then the other problem of not wanting–ahem–not being able to find work. This is bad. The travel bug made me quit.


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