Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doomed From the Start

I guess I should explain how I contracted this disease. The truth is, I never had a chance. The travel bug knew me before I knew myself, and took the first opportunity it got to bite me. Long before I was even thought of, my own father contracted the bug, and decided the best remedy was joining the military. He wanted to travel, and travel he did. My mother, a free and energetic spirit, took any opportunity for a weekend excursion with friends. To make my chances of living a normal life even worse, my mother and father met when they were both, guess what? TRAVELING. Yes, they met on vacation. There was no way I could have ever lived a life without travel. I may as well have gotten my passport the same day I got my birth certificate, because I took my first flight on an airplane at the ripe age of two months old. From that point on, no year ever passed in my life where I did not go somewhere. And the traveling didn't end there. We were a military family. Born in Florida. Moved to Germany. Moved to England. Moved to California. Traveled to Trinidad & Tobago every year in between as soon as school was out for summer. Not to mention various other trips here and there: France, Austria, name a few. We were everywhere and I loved every minute of it! Traveling and I are one. I really was doomed from the start.


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